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100 gecs Rate Korn, Giant Tattoos and Magicians

In this episode of Over/Under, Dylan Brady and Laura Les of 100 gecs rate corn, Korn, cigarettes, magicians and more.

Released on 05/19/2023


My orthodontist was Dr. Butts.

Dr. Corn and Dr. Butts.

I drove past that office fucking all the time.


What was the first name?


It was something funny, right?

Heidi? Heidi, Heidi, Butts

[all laughs]


Over hated under Comic Sans.

Yeah, under probably underrated

I guess since it's rated solo.

I don't think super highly of it

but I don't think it deserves all the hate.

It's very readable.

Joker man.

Also underrated.

Underrated. Yeah.

Way underrated.


I would like to see the, the prevalence

of comic sands replaced by the, I wanna see

I wanna see Joker man come up.



I wanna start seeing more joker man out in the wild.

Underrated. Magic underrated.

Magicians are underrated.

Underrated so, so hard.

The people want magicians.


Nothing like a good trick.

Yeah. They're underbooked.

Magicians are under underbooked and underutilized.

Both magicians, more

Magicians are the joker man of, of entertainment.



I think the media has done them dirty.

I think the, the media representation of magician is always

like the nerdy, they need more like Chris Angel, like shirt

off. Sexy magicians.

Yeah. I think he's like, pull a card and then he like

Takes a shirt off.

Lifts off his shirt

and he takes a piece of glass and he's like, ah.

And he's like,

was your card the three of heart?

The I need the Gigi Allen of magicians.

Takes a, throws his shit

at the wall and like stuck to the shit,

it just like drips off and it's like a three of hearts.

Then he goes on and he's like, your children are mine.

You ever seen that interview?

No Gigi Allen crazy, crazy interviews.

[Interviewer] Do you know any tricks yourself?

Lauren knows a trick.

Yeah. You ready?

You can do that in post, edit that to work.

Yeah. Underrated. Hard underrated.

Very delicious in many forms.

Yeah. Makes great syrup too.

People are like, I don't like vegetables.

It's like, what about corn, motherfucker?

Bet you love that with like a bunch

of butter and like cheese on it.


Put anything on corn.

You can put anything on corn.

Corn with some ketchup.


Yeah. Little fudge.

Little bit of hot fudge.

Yeah. Yeah.

I think I've never had cream corn.

It's good.

Yeah. I've had creamy corn.

That's probably cream corn.

Corn is underrated.

Corn is underrated.

korn is also underrated.

I feel like that needs no explanation.

I think if anybody

like actually listened to korn, they would like it.


Gotta go in with an open heart.

I mean, to be fair, you know, first look, first listen.

You're like, but op, go in with an open heart

and an open mind and accept korn into your life.

It's underrated.

Getting a giant tattoo

of musical notes on your body is underrated.

I love music.

I think more people love music too.


We gotta get the, the cult going.


Yeah. Get the, everybody, the initiation is

everybody has to get a huge, huge music note.

It takes 10 minutes.


10, 15 minutes.

In your experience?

I've seen people do the sharpie at the shows.

It's kind of a really big investment.


It's how we know who the true fans are.


They get the full chest tattoo.

I feel like people think it's fake for the most part.

Yeah, it's real.

Under done.

I don't know anybody who flosses regularly

but I bet my teeth would be a lot healthier if I did.

Yeah. Overrated, maybe. I don't know.

It's, it's rated high, but it, I can't

I can't talk about its effectiveness.

I've not flossed in probably 10 years.

I have like two teeth pending removal.

My dentist name is Dr. Corn. Swear.

When I was in St. Louis, my orthodontist was Dr. Butts

Also True.

Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Corn and Dr. Butts.

I drove past that office fucking all the time.

Yeah. What was the first name?

It was something funny right?

Heidi? Heidi. Heidi Butts

Having Dr. Corn is underrated for sure.

I picked him cuz of the name.


Yeah. I can, but I feel like they're rated really low.


It's like a good, it's like a dessert kind of.

I don't know how much I should

I should really rep for cigarettes, but.

I'm off the cigs.


But they are, they have a certain air to 'em.

They're not enough nicotine for me at this point, being a

an ascended electronic cigarette user.

But it's, it's always nice to just, cold day cup of coffee,

analog cigarette.

You get that analog warmth.

You know, you don't get

that from Virginia Tobacco flavored JUUL juice.

Bring back cigarettes.

Let me smoke on the airplane.

Crazy, crazy Frog.

I don't know.

Underrated by the haters.

Let Crazy Frog Live.

We love Crazy Frog.

They snapped on that song.

I enjoy knowing that he's out there somewhere.

The crazy frog.

I love, I love, you know, I can carry on with my day to day

with the knowing that Crazy Frog is out there

doing that somewhere and he's real and he's a real character

and he's a real person that exists.

Feels good.

If I didn't have that, I, I would end it.

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