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Over/Under: Pitchfork Music Festival

In this episode of Over/Under, Arooj Aftab, Dry Cleaning, the Linda Lindas, Japanese Breakfast, and more rate mosh pits, stage diving, green rooms and pyrotechnics at Pitchfork Music Festival 2022.

Released on 09/09/2022


[Producer] Go for it.

[clapperboard clacks]

[fast-tempo drumbeats]

And by overrated, I just wanna be clear

that that just means that

it's really corny, right?

I don't wanna have an opinion on that one.

Regular. Neither.

Can we say rated? Yeah.

I'm gonna say rated. Yeah.

It's not over- or underrated.

I feel like it's neither.

How about rated?

[classical music]

I don't know anyone who's going to say

that porter potties are underrated.

No they're underrated.

Sometimes you have to BM in the GA.

Yeah. Yeah.

We never shit in the green room, we shit in the venue.

You have to BM in the GA.

I do not like a porta potty, not a fan.

Festival bathrooms, completely appalling,

like unbelievable.

The smell, excruciatingly horrible and traumatizing.

Shit in every

pot, you know?

Green rooms at festivals, overrated.

Sometimes the green room is so luxurious.

It's like, whoa, there's a couch!

And lots of food! And it's nice.

We have played around freaking out a venue

by asking for our entire hospitality budget in butter.

Green rooms are very underrated.

They are amazing.

And they make me feel very safe.

It can get sleazy.

If the wrong person comes through

Sometimes they're very dark.

So you can't see yourself.

You have no idea what you look like.

I struggle.

I agree. I really do struggle.

But sometimes it's just like

now here's a corner for you to sit in.

So underrated if there's a bathroom,

but overrated if there's no bathroom.

[percussion beats]

I feel like I don't want to verbally

put that out in the world.

And then more artists and singers start stage-diving.

And there's death.

Stage diving at concerts is overrated.

Especially for people our age.

All the parents don't allow me to do that.

I would say underrated.

That's just your mom, though.

This is my mom but I think I'm gonna

break my arms or something.

I tried to stage dive once, but I was too concerned

about my earring getting caught.

I've done the crowd surfing thing once so far

and I was very worried going into it.

I'm like, someone's gonna grab me and just go.

How are people putting their hands in the right places?

I am very skeptical of this.

When Ellie was little, there was a crowd surfer

and she ducked.

She ducked. She didn't help them.

If you're crowd-surfing, don't worry,

I will help you.

Stage diving is an old tradition that needs to continue.

It needs to continue, it's teamwork.

[drum fill]

I'm gonna say mosh pits are way overrated.

Ooh! Yeah.

I didn't expect you to say that.

Yeah, I know.

Did you expect to say that?

Yeah. I've been thinking it for a while.


It depends on the pit.

Level nine, level 10 mosh pits,

people are just getting the shit beat out of them.

That's overrated. Overrated.

It depends on what it is though.

You gonna see Katie Perry-

It depends because a mosh pit is essential

to a certain type of music.

When it became popular, the kids would just be elbowing

everyone in the face on a chill rap song.

You know what I'm saying?

So I think there was an era where it became

overrated and people just were doing it to have fun

but it's like a certain show is necessary.

Typically, very intense, just masculine energy.

It's just like dudes just fighting each other for no reason.

I mean, I was in one but I'll be trying dance

and then get the fuck outta Dodge.

Back in the day, it was fun.

[bass and drum fill]

Pyro on stage is massively underrated.

There's too many health and safety rules around this.


My favorite band's Motley Crew.

They use a lot.

They don't use enough.

Every band needs pyro.

Underrated, overpriced.

Yeah. I totally agree.

They should be advancing the game,

if they have that much money and fire behind them.

[drum fill]

Audience participation is underrated.

I feel like if there's an audience

they should be participating.

That one's tough because I think

it depends on who you are.

If you're an artist that I think is cringe,



you know,


Recently, the audience just started singing along to one

of my popular songs and that had never happened before.

And I was like, wow, this is, I'm just gonna start bawling.

People sing along with me often.

And that feels great.

I love it.

So I guess that would be underrated.

That's underrated for me when I'm performing.

Oh, that's really overrated.

Yeah. Yeah.

I don't want anybody up on the stage.

[drum beats]

I think both of us would

confidently say underrated,

right? Underrated, yeah.

We like to sing.

Underrated because you have to have enough confidence

in yourself to be like, I'm just gonna bare it all.

Singing acapella at concerts, super-overrated.

I personally hate it.

I think it's really corny,

unless you're an acapella group or,

I don't know, Coldplay, I guess.

I usually don't sing acapella, me personally.

Like I said, I like to hear my band shred and I'm like

you don't need to hear me sing alone.

It's fine.

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