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Boygenius Rate Google Drive, the Ocean, and Topsheets

In this episode of Over/Under, Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus of Boygenius rate tweeting and deleting, Google Drive, forgiveness, topsheets and more.

Released on 03/31/2023


Why am I snitching on myself so early?

Yo, this is question one.

[upbeat percussion music]


Love it. Right?


Oh wait.

Underrated. Right?


You think it's overrated?

No, but I, but I'm just bad at using any interface.

You don't like to open something that

someone sent you across the board?

If somebody sends you something that's

none of your business.

No, I need bimbo links to everything.

Yeah. You need someone to look you in the face

and tell you.

You guys are both, yeah homework guys.


When we were recording with Catherine

I was like how do you do all this file management?

She was like, you have to.

And now I've become Google Drive.

Multiple folder organized guys.

Makes your life so much easier.

You got all the files you'll need

in the places where the folders are

all named what the files are.

I think people use like Pinterest

the way I use Google Drive.


Like I'll just have like a folder

of like aspirational things, put it in there.

Or like images like I have like a folder of

all pictures of my own shadow.

Why? There's no reason for that.


But I have it.


Completely unnecessary.

I would say overrated



I knew you were gonna say that.

I love a sheet.

Are we gonna not gonna agree on anything?

I can't be touching the fucking comforter.

Then get a different comforter that you like.

Why can't you be touching the comforter?

No, no, no, no, no. Just for clean reasons.

Clean your bed.

Are you not cleaning your comforter?

Of course you clean the comforter but the sheet is like

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Do you have a comforter that's just

Yeah get a duvet cover. Then you just

I have a duvet cover.

I have a duvet cover and a top sheet that is

like a fucking human being.

Am I also the only guy who sleeps completely nude?

Depends on the day.


Because the top sheet is clothes.

I'm wearing clothes. You're right, okay.

Yeah. It's the separation. Like it is. Yeah.


We've learned a lot.


Tweeting and deleting is joyous. Tweeting and deleting.

Like that's intimacy. Like there's a few people that engage

Like whoever saw it and then you've deleted it

and then they like it's a little secret

between you and a couple strangers.

I don't wanna like take something back

from the internet though.

That seems like precisely why the internet is

making communication harder as a human race.

You don't gotta think that hard about it or you can




Why did I feel that in my stomach?

Forgiveness is overrated.


Wow. I think we mean the same thing, which is funny.

Yes. That is funny.


Forgive is not, I don't, I think it comes

from your understanding of forgiveness is like

is it a gesture you're offering the other person

because the virtue of absolving a wrong is valued

say for instance in church

or is it something that you're gonna release yourself

from the anger of because it's not worth it for

you to give energy to devote resenting this person anymore?

That's why I feel like forgiveness is important.

It's like I can forgive somebody that I will ghost

and never talk to and intentionally avoid and be like

we are not allowed to hang out.

I forgive you.

I think we're also all thinking about

our power to forgive.

Where like when someone comes to you and says

I'm really sorry.

Will you forgive me?

Yeah. That actually is so underrated.

Yeah. So like

Being sorry is underrated.

But forgiving I think is overrated.

I think I'm

You don't have to forgive people if they're sorry.

Oh my God, yes, it's just no question.


I can't conceptualize it but there's only one choice.

That it's underrated?



It can only possibly be underrated

Because we literally can't rate it because

there's not enough data.

I was gonna say it's like saying is

outer space over or underrated?

But I do think that outer space is overrated.


I think that is none of our business.


Oh you mean like

You mean like Jeff Bezos riding a penis into space?

Leave the moon alone.

Oh wait, wait. No, I have this feeling too.

I'm like, instead of colonizing Mars for Amazon

let's fucking save the earth we're killing.

I mean outer space is obviously cool

but even, even the type of cool that it is isn't

like my type of cool, so like it doesn't hit.

It's exactly my type of cool.

I know

I love you outer space.

I wanna know everything possible about it.

Something, so like the sublime

in general can help me dissociate.

So things that are limitless are cool

but also I will stop existing if I think about it too hard.

So, you okay?

This bitch has a Google Drive with photos of your shadow

in it and we're not allowed to go to space?

It just costs too much.

It costs too much to go to space.

And we already have been.

No consensus on any of these questions.


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