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Boygenius Share Songs for Prom, Being Stuck on the Runway, and More

In this edition of Pass the Aux, we give Boygenius a few specific situations and they tell us what music they would play. Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus explain what they would listen to while driving to senior prom, stuck on the runway, doing chores and much more.

Released on 04/11/2023


We're showing Pitchfork HARDY.

Pitchfork needs to review this tonight.

If I don't see a fucking 10 on this shit!

[chill hip-hop music]

[airplane seatbelt sign chime]

I listen to our record on planes, too.


And like, not, not all the time.

I think it's cause like, being on a plane

is like a death flavored experience.

And so I'm like, I want to interact

with what I'm leaving behind.

[girls laughing]

So I'm like, I can stand by this.

Why are you doing this to me?

I was gonna say...

I didn't say anything wrong.

Let's just -

No, exactly.

Didn't you also say you listened to the Ethel Cain album?

Oh, I did.

Oh, but that's in the airport.

I'm just like really emotional on planes.

Everybody is,

it's something about the air and the death...


The death flavor. The experience.

I give myself the gift of listening to my voice notes.

I don't listen to my voice notes or my ideas

really in any other context other than on airplanes.

So even if I'm not -

It's funny, cause it used to be just like, plane wifi sucks,

and I don't even want to engage with it.

So I'm just on my phone as this thing

that has all my ideas on it.

In the only time in my life,

and I'm on plane so much that it works, somehow,

creatively for me.

But, even if I'm on the ground and I have data,

I have started the process of -

Mm, I see.

Listening to all my shit,

and labeling all my voice notes.


I use that for like my music research.

When somebody's like, this is a really great record.

I take it offline, and then I'm like,

Oh wow, I've never listened start to finish

through this new Four Tet collab record.

And then I give myself the gift of being

like fully tuned to it.

Or like, yeah.

The other day I was driving in the rain,

this is doing this way, the opposite.

But I was driving in the rain

at like six in the morning,

and it was like all misty

in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee.

And it was like Mary Lattimore harp,

and I was like, I'm in a movie.

Favorite ever shit!


Love to curate my music like I'm in movie about my life.

I went to five proms,

so I should have more answers for this.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs,

a lot of local bands, like Richmond local bands

in high school.

I skipped a prom.

I was like, I can't be bothered with that.

So I'm like,

what was my like hype music when I was a senior?

But then I'm like, it's either gonna be Colour Revolt

or it's gonna be the like Thank Me Later.

Used to get hype on the way to school

by Handlebars by Flobots.

Oh, of course.

That song goes off so hard at the end.

Me and my best friend, Hailey Doll pulled up

beside the yacht where senior prom was happening

and played Free Bird out of

her high school boyfriend's truck,

And like, interpretive danced to Free Bird,

and the whole side of the yacht,

just like, everybody's like watching us do that.

The entirety of Free Bird.

That's some manic pixie dream girl shit.

Deeply, yeah. The movie.

I remember being like, this is as good

as the memory's gonna be in this moment.

Aw. Aw!

[vacuum starting]

99% Invisible.

Podcast for chores?

Podcast for chores.


I've been listening to the new Caroline Polachek

a lot while doing chores.

Cause, I can just like bounce around.

The new SZA record.

Mhm. Same.

It's so easy to just like also be by myself

in my house cleaning and be like faking singing,

like I sing like that.

I know. It's nice.

Are you ever filming like on your phone, side stage?

It's especially quiet where you are,

but to your phone...

So, your phone's hearing you the loudest,

and then you play the video later

and it's like -

[uncomfortable bad singing]

[girls laughing]

That's me, with my cans on, like cleaning.

Or your Sonos freaks out?

I've done that at your shows.

I've been like singing along and just like,

[singing pitchy]

[girls laughing]

[crowd roaring]

When am I ever doing that?

I'm gonna give the three-headed monster answer,

which is SOLD OUT by HARDY.

[gasping excitedly]

Yeah. Yeah.



I listen to that record.

Or He Went to Jared.

Or RADIO SONG, which is my new favorite.


Oh my God, featuring Jeremy McKinnon.

I was like, did this motherfucker really?

We love HARDY.

We love HARDY.

We saw HARDY in LA recently, and I lost brain cells.


Doing that.

[girls laughing]


The songwriting is excellent.

It's funny, it's concise.

It's like, visual.

It's gutsy.

Musically complex.

It's musically complex.

He's like playing with tropes.

That's the thing, too.

It feels precise.

It feels like he's like,

he understands the assignment enough

to make a variation on a theme

that is different enough,

and yet self-aware,

to adhere to the conventions of the genre,

and then like put it on top of Nu Metal.

And it scratches a really tiny Venn diagram place

in my brain that not a lot of things do.

Yes. Mhm.

It's the only thing, I think, that scratches that itch:


There's more of it, and it's not...

There's nothing like it.

There's more people trying to do it, and it's not good.

It's the right intersection of character and genuine.


It's like, it's a caricature of what a real person is.

You know what I mean?

It also feels wrong that we're talking this much about it.

Like, intellectualizing HARDY is wrong.

Is it?

But it's possible.

It's just wrong.

Like you can just enjoy that shit.

I know, I'm gonna listen to it after this.


Cause I have to cleanse my brain.

Have you guys heard this?

[SOLD OUT by HARDY playing.]

[girls singing along]

Yo. All right!

[girls laughing]

That song goes!

That song goes. Yes.