Reading Program

2021-22 Reading Program catalog

2020 Reading Program information

Books are recommended by people like you and me, read and reviewed by several others, then if chosen to be a part of the Reading Program are then shared with the rest of us. We are encouraged to think critically about current issues through this annual selection of member-reviewed books. It is an excellent opportunity to deepen your spirituality and to broaden your understanding of our mission work. Five category areas provide us with books to:

  • Expand our understanding of and participation in God’s mission.
  • Increase our sensitivity to all human beings—their needs, interests and concerns.
  • Encourage our critical thinking about issues facing humanity today.
  • Grow in our understanding of Scripture as it relates to Christian faith in contemporary life.
  • Enhance our self-knowledge and actions from that knowledge.
  • Strengthen our involvement in local and global Christian mission.

Talk with others, share books with others, consider a lending library in your church or District.