North Central Jurisdiction

NCJ UMW Facebook page

President – Marchelle Phelps – Michigan
Vice President – Patricia Bostic – Michigan
Secretary – Becky Heeren – Iowa
Treasurer – Sylvia Kempton – West Ohio
Chair of Nominations – Elizabeth Everitt – Minnesota
Nominations Committee
Virginia Coates – Dakotas
Dr. Linda Johnson Crowell – East Ohio
Elizabeth Jayapalan – Northern Illinois
Simmie Proctor – Michigan

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Current newsletter:
NCJ Visions 7.31.2020

1. Plan and conduct the North Central Jurisdiction Quadrennial Meeting.
2. Develop and maintain lines of communication between the Leadership Team and the North Central Jurisdiction.
3. Implement the mission education program of the National United Methodist Women.
4. Encourage and support inclusive membership in United Methodist Women.
5. Provide opportunities to grow spiritually.