Mission u

Questions?  Contact Mission u Dean – Bonnie Lill, bonifer57@yahoo.com

July 23-24, 2021  Mission u (virtually) register here (please request Korean and Spanish forms)

Mission u studies for 2021-22 (link)

    • new spiritual growth – “Bearing Witness in the Kin-dom: Living Into the Church’s Moral Witness through Radical Discipleship”
      . youth – “Becoming Peacemakers in a Culture of Violence”
      . children’s – “Responding to Violence”
    • issue – “Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools”
    • spiritual growth – “Finding Peace in an Anxious World” (we will not repeat this study)
      * written by pastors in our conference (and still pertinent in our current situation

Mission u is presented by United Methodist Women for all (children, youth, men and women; you don’t even have to be Methodist to attend).  Purpose: Learning for the Transformation of the World.

Our previous annual pattern of events:

    • Mission u – Winter School (one full study completed during a more relaxed Friday evening through Sunday lunch schedule in January)
    • Mission u – Weekend School (two full studies completed during a Thursday evening through Sunday lunch schedule in July)
    • Mission u – One Day Event (one Korean and one Spanish adult study, also one Children’s and one Youth study during a full Saturday together; overview of the current three studies available for adult English speakers in July)