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Iceage: Abbey Road Amplify x Pitchfork London Sessions

Iceage was invited by Abbey Road Studios and Pitchfork to record a session around her performance at the inaugural Pitchfork Music Festival London. This session was recorded in celebration of Abbey Road Studios 90th Anniversary and the inaugural Pitchfork Music Festival London. Listen to Iceage's new single "Pull Up" here: and catch them on tour, dates here:

Released on 03/01/2022


[moody music begins]

The search and destroy type nature

of this mission

was kind of like

we wanted to do something out of our range.

We have work in progress

but nothing was really ready to,

to just fire off here.

So we wanted to do a cover

and we settled on Abra

with the track Pull Up. ♪ Told me you liked me ♪

♪ You was in trouble the moment you said it, ♪

♪ tell all your friends to pop out if they want it ♪

♪ that they could come get it ♪

♪ Aint nobody else, ♪

♪ I want you to myself. ♪

And so right now

I feel pretty good about it,

but I mean, time shall be the judge

♪ Yeah we gon' run it up, I said we gon' run it up ♪

♪ so yeah we gon' run it up, get into trouble ♪

Writing itself has just become something I'm wired to do.

I don't know how to make sense of the actual world

If, if, if I can't somehow distill it into to, to song

it it's become a necessary foundation of, of how

I kind of make sense of everything and keep shit together.

It's a lot of keeping notes, but also a lot of

of just making yourself available and putting in the hours

because I find that the lightning

from a cloudless sky will strike every so often

but you can't sit around and wait for that.

So you actually have to sit

even though it's not comfortable and, and, and put

in the work because I'm not blessed in the sense that

that it will square it out automatically.

♪ You don't wanna be in love, no, ♪

♪ You think it's that easy to walk out the fold ♪

I love those people, Yacob and Yohan and Dan and Casper

that I play with

a lot of it is just also just, you know, hanging around

and having some sort of like vessel with each other to

to do something that feels purposeful.

I, I try not to, to allow myself to write

lyrics into final form until a week before

or two weeks before.

I know we have a, a set date in the studio and get fueled

by a pressing need of, of, of getting in there and, and

and putting it all from one mindset, overworking things

and overthinking things can be a real damage.

And, and I, I'm afraid of that.

I'm afraid of the halt that you can put yourself in

if, if, if you actually give yourself opportunity to

to sit with things too long

♪ I pull up with your bitch, now it's a party ♪

♪ Strawberita wavy baby feelin hazy ♪

Advice for other people, if there's some sort

of fire in there, I mean, try and get led by that rather

than the idea of where, where it can take you.

So I try and create these parameters and getting things

out in short lived sort of bursts to make things feel alive.

♪ You aint seen shit yet, you aint seen shit yet ♪